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- Getting Started -
  How to setup you dial-up account:


Currently, our help topics only support setting up dial-up services with Windows 95/98.
However, these instructions may be helpful when setting up in other operating system environments.   
You may want to print this page, so that you can use it while you actually go through the steps of setting up your dial-up service account. - Choose File, then choose, Print, while viewing this page.


New Users:
Follow these steps:

01. Open your Outlook Express program.

02. If you have never set up email on your computer, usually the internet connection wizard will automatically appear, and you can move on to step 05.
03. Select "tools" from the top menu, and the select "accounts", from the bottom of that tab.
04. Select the "mail" tab, and choose "Add" on the right side of that tab, and then select "mail".
05. Type in the name or title, you want to appear on your emails, and choose "Next".
06. Make sure "I already have an email address" is selected, and then enter your email name, ex: shmo@illuma.net. Choose "Next".
07. Make sure "My incoming mail server is a POP 3 server".
08. Type this: mail.illuma.net into the "Incoming mail server" box.
09. Type this: mail.illuma.net into the "Outgoing mail server" box.
10. Select "Next".
11. Enter then account name (user name) and password that illuminet sciences has assigned to you, for your email account. Click "Remember password" and choose "Next".
12. Select "Finish".
13. You should now have a new email account called "mail.illuma.net", or your name, in window that is still open.
14. Highlight your new email account, and select "properties" on the right side, of the window.
15. Select the "Servers" tab.
16. Select the box that reads "My server requires authentication", and select "Apply" and "O.K.".
17. Close the internet accounts window that has remained opened for these steps.
18. Make sure you connected to the internet.
19. Highlight the "Outlook Express" folder on the right side, and select the "Send/Receive" icon, from the top menu.
20. You should see outlook express going through the steps of accessing you email account.
21. To understand more about Outlook Express, please refer to Microsoft's Help files regarding the program, and its different functions.
22. Send and receive email.
23. You are done!

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