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- Getting Started -
  How to setup you dial-up account:


Currently, our help topics only support setting up dial-up services with Windows 95/98.
However, these instructions may be helpful when setting up in other operating system environments.   
You may want to print this page, so that you can use it while you actually go through the steps of setting up your dial-up service account. - Choose File, then choose, Print, while viewing this page.


Make sure that you have a phone number has bee assigned to you, or that you have chosen a phone number, to dial-up with your modem, to access the internet.

It is also your responsibility to make sure, that this phone number does not cause you to have a toll-charge.

New Users:
Follow these steps:

01. Click on the "My Computer" icon, usually located on your desktop.

02. Click on the "Dial-Up Networking" folder.
03. Double-click the "Make new connection" icon, and the dial-up networking wizard will begin (if there has never been a connection on your computer, than the wizard will automatically begin when you opened the "dial-up networking" folder.).
04. Type "illuma" as the computer name you are dialing, in that first box.
05. If you have already installed your modem, make sure that it is listed in the second text box, and move to step 6, otherwise, you need to configure your modem before doing anything else. Please refer to any installation manuals that came with your modem to install and configure it.
06. Choose "Next", at the bottom of the window.
07. Enter the area code and phone number that you have chosen to access the internet.  
08. Select "Next".
09. Select "Finish".
10. In your dial-up networking folder, you should now have an icon titled "illuma" or "my connection".
11. Double-click the icon that has just been created for you.
12. Enter the dial-up username and password that illuminet sciences has assigned to you. Check the "Save password box". (these settings are only saved upon completing a successful connection to the internet).
13. Make sure the phone number is the phone number you choose to dial-up the internet with.
14. Leave the "Dialing From:" box as is.
15. Select "connect". - At this point, you should be hearing your computer making all kinds of dialing out noises, If you do not, and an error message appears, you need to make sure your modem is enabled, and that the phone line is properly connected to it, from the wall. Please refer to your modem's instruction manuals for troubleshooting.
16. After about 30 seconds, to up to a minute in some cases, your computer should connect to the internet, and there will be two little green computer icons on the bottom right of your windows toolbar.
17. You can make sure you are connected by opening your browser (internet explorer, netscape navigator, etc.), and navigating to a web-site.
18. If you have internet explorer, open it, and select "tools" from the tope menu, and then select "internet options" at the bottom of the tools tab. If you use another web browser, move to step 23.
19. In the "General Tab", change your Homepage to "http://www.illuma.com", or any other site you want to first appear when you connect to the internet.
20. Select "Apply" at the bottom of the screen, and select the "Connections" tab.
21. Make sure that "illuma", or "my connection" is listed in the dial-up box. Select it and click, the "Set as default" box. Also, check the "Always dial my default connection" button.
22. Select "Apply" then "O.K."
23. You are done!

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