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- Getting Started -
  How to setup the newsgroup service:


Currently, our help topics only support setting up newsgroup services with Outlook Express.
    Also, the connection, only works for our Internet Access Dial-Up customers. For clients using our other services, you may be using another dial-up service provider, these instructions will help you, but you must use their respective settings.
You may want to print this page, so that you can use it while you actually go through the steps of setting up your newsgroup service account. - Choose File, then choose, Print, while viewing this page.

Newsgroup Service:
Authentication Scheme: i.p. address authenticated when using Illuminet Sciences, inc. dial-up service.
New Users:
Follow these steps:

01. Connect to the internet using your Illuminet Sciences, inc. account.

02. Open your Outlook Express Program.
03. Click on "Tools" in the menu bar at the top.
04. Choose "Accounts" from the menu which drops down.
05. Click on the "News" tab, which appears in the new window.
06. Click "Add" on the right hand side.
07. Choose "News", from the list of choices which appears on the right.
08. In the box, choose a name you would like others to see, when you     are using your newsgroup service.
09. Select "Next".
10. In the box, choose an email name, so that others can email you, when you are using your newsgroup service.
11. Select "Next".
12. In the box that reads, "NNTP server", type in "".
13. Ignore the checkbox on that screen, and select "Next".
14. Click "Finish".
15. You should be back at the little window, and you should notice that under your news tab, there is a listing which reads, "". Select "Close".
16. You should now be prompted with, "Would you like to download newsgroups from the news account you added?" Select "Yes". NOTE: There are nearly 40,000 groups that will be downloaded, this may take 5 to 10 minutes to download.
17. You should see the program attempting to connect to the newsgroup server, ,and it will be downloading many thousands of newsgroups, for you to choose from.
18. When this completes, you should see a list of all of the newsgroups available to you, and you can subscribe to as many as you like.
19. You will notice that in your general email area, your newsgroup services that you have subscribed to, are listed there.
20. You are finished! Have fun!


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