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Our Profile

Illuminet Sciences was started in late 97'. Our first projects involved putting together internet accessable databases for the aviation industry. Upon hosting our own server, we found that we could offer many other services extending to clients beyond the aviation industry. Our services include, but are never limited to: audio, video, animation, database creation, web-design, site maintenance, e-commerce (shopping-carts), co-hosting, and dial-up access. Basically, if you have an internet need, just ask us. We are always interested in innovative ideas, and the challenge to see them through.

Our Servers

Illuminet Sciences Servers are located in a clean-room environment, and their performance is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All power is fully backed up, making down-time almost non-existent.


  • Platform - Windows NT server platform, with all the latest updates and service packs

  • IIS - Microsoft Management Console

  • E-mail Server - Exchange Server 5.5

  • Client access enabled through - FrontPage 2000 server extensions

At the moment, we are currently working on configuring a real media server, to fit the demands for audio and video. 
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